Bounty Killer and Beenie Man face off in Portmore Featured

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How Bounty Killer ah go so hard? The man rejuvenated, him gwaan wid a bagga tings last night over the show inna Portmore. Him perform first and him work fi bout 50 minutes, pure old hits before him go inna the new ones dem. The man style Kartel as Lady Gaza, cuss D'Angel neatly when him deejay say 'yu eat her, me beat her' as though him a boast say him beat woman, and diss up Beenie Man too bout the Shebada ting and why Beenie never ansa him , but him never really call no name.


The only ting mi vex bout is that Beenie Man only get fi do bout 15 minutes before the police run in and lock off the show. Him give it to Killer say him no ansa battyman and deejay a piece ah the tune say the Government tek weh Bounty range but fi him money 'stock and pile'. Bwoy, mi love how the war ah heat up. Twins of Twins also give it to Matterhorn say him fraida dem like puss. The crowd love the almshouse, STING AH GO MADD THIS YEAR even widout Kartel and Mavado.

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