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    Sting 2012 co-producer Josef Bogdanovich believes that he can convince members of the middle class and upper middle class to attend this year’s staging of the Sting concert because of the incredible wholesome appeal of Busy Signal, and the theatricality and fun-loving entertainment that this year’s showcase will offer on December 26th.  
“This year’s Sting will be celebrating the release of Busy Signal, his only concert of the year , and his first in four-and-a-half years in Jamaica. If you are saving your money for one party or show for the holidays, then Sting is the place to be. Busy Signal is going to pack people into the venue who have never been to Sting before, just to see his first performance in Jamaica, we expect a bonanza online through live streaming,” he said.
Busy Signal, who is known for the monster hits, 'Nah Go a Jail Again', 'Step Out', 'Not Going Down' and covers of international hits 'One More Night' and 'Night Shift', is anticipating a huge response at Sting 2012.
The artiste had been sentenced to six months in prison after pleading guilty to absconding bail, but only served two months, as he had already spent four months in jail awaiting his trial.
"Busy Signal could get the loudest ovation of the night when he walks out for the first time on a stage on Jamaican soil in almost five years, especially after his recent ordeal. It is going to be one of those landmark moments in dancehall, no one who is a true dancehall fan will want to miss that, plus Busy has a broader appeal with women, and the middle class that is undeniable because of the quality of his songs," Bogdanovich said. 
He said that there will also be a “serious upgrade to the sound stage and lighting” to heighten the excitement of the occasion.
“Come and rep your parish for the artiste that represents you. We expect a big contingency from Mobay, Ocho Rios, Kingston, Spanish Town and Portmore. Bring your girl, and party straight from 8 p.m to 8 a.m. Busy will perform at 12:45 a.m., it’s going to be a wild night,” he said.
Bogdanovich, who comes from a Hollywood background where he worked on indie films and scripts, is relying on theatrical hi-jinks and showmanship to entertain the hordes of patrons this year.
“This year, we are doing the clash like pro wrestling in tag team style, with Merciless teamed with Matterhorn vs Ninjaman and Kiprich. They will go at it with both sides allowed one extra person of their choice to help out if they choose. It’s going to be high-flying entertainment on Boxing Day,” Bogdanovich said. 
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