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  Singer, DJ and songwriter Black Queen teamed up with Ras Bogle to host a video launch for their new collaboration single, 'More' which dancehall insiders are already raving about. The video launch was held at Smooches nightclub, Constant Spring Road last Monday evening.  
 The video release was well supported by fans of the artistes and well wishers,  Australian guests, dancehall celebrities Macka Diamond and Bad Boy Trevor as well as her Team Ricky Kubanz, Kubanz Entertainment , Big Dream Entertainment, Queen Latesha Promotions and BQ Promotions  amongst others. 
The evening's tone was set by host Camalla Latouche who excited the crowd with her engaging games and witty jokes that set the audience at ease. She amped up excitement for the showcasing of the video which went over well with the audience who whistled and applauded at the end. 
Ras Bogle kicked off the evening's festivities when he introduced Black Queen who warned the crowd that she have them "begging for more". Then Black Queen and Ras Bogle did a steamy rendition of their hit song, 'More', which the crowd loved. Performing with one microphone, they got up close and personal several times during the song. Black Queen, wearing a leopard print monokini, kept touching herself provocatively and wining up on Ras Bogle, much to the delight of the audience.
Ras Bogle then did 'Woman of the Year', and got a few forwards. He reintroduced Black Queen with the warning that "within a year, she would be the hottest female artiste in the business".  But no one had any idea of the sexually charged statement that Black Queen had in store for the audience. 
From the moment she hit the stage, she captivated the audience with an energetic performance of 'I Will Survive' which included sexy cavorting dancers which excited the audience into a frenzy. She even brought out shirtless, slab-muscled males who she danced provocatively with while the females in the crowd oohed and ahed. 
Black Queen's set  was well executed and co-ordinated and went off without a hitch. 
"It seems that I left them wanting 'More'," an enthusiastic Black Queen said.. 
Black Queen says she believes the video will do extremely well locally and internationally and that fans can expect great things to come from her camp in the near future.  She also explained her mission as an artiste is to deliver much more to the industry than just great songs. 
Black Queen is known for her serious social and philosophical stances against skin bleaching as portrayed in her 'Black and Proud' song and her charitable work establishing a foundation  help people understand the importance of staying away from skin bleaching products. 
The 'More' video will premiere on local cable and video outlets this week, and the single has also been released to local FM radio. 
You can follow Black Queen on Instagram @black.queen.184, Twitter: blackqueengiles and Facebook: blackqueen reggae.
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