Benzly Hype hits 100,000 views with Alex Guesta on 'Dance for Me'

Benzly Hype hits 100,000 views with Alex Guesta on 'Dance for Me' Featured

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Jamaican recording artiste-turned-actor Benzly Hype is back in the music business after a two year sabbatical with the release of a new single called 'Dance For Me' with electronic dance artiste Alex Guesta and Raphael.
The single samples  'Carnaval de Paris', a song by English electronic dance trio, Dario G. The song was recorded for the 1998 FIFA World Cup in France, and peaked at number five in the UK singles chart that year. 
"I took a year off to help take care of my mother, and after her death, I took some time off to deal with the pain. Then in December, I decided I had to get back in the game with some new songs. I did a song called 'BBC' for producers Yan Kings and Matt Petrone, which got some buzz in Europe and I was contacted by Alex Guesta to do 'Dance for Me'. The buzz is great, over 100,000 views in the last two months," he said. 
Alex Guesta, since 2007, has released more than 100 records and officially remixed records for pop stars Britney Spears, Flo-Rida, Sia and others. Some of his tracks have been selected as soundtrack of movies such as 'Don Hemingway' with Jude Law. 
"We are getting some great airplay for this song in some important markets in Europe, Asia and Africa, so I am very pleased," he said. 
Benzly Hype will also be releasing a new single, 'Never Say Bye' featuring R & B singer Nick Treble on iTunes and other downloadable platforms on March 9th. The single will be released on the HYPE/Mojo Music label. 
"That song has a lot of crossover potential and we will be shooting a video for it as well," Benzly Hype said. 
Benzly Hype has arguably made one of the most successful crossovers from music into acting ever seen in the history of Jamaican entertainment landscape with the creation of 'Me And Mi Kru', a television comedy series which peaked at an audience of over 500,000 households in Jamaica in its fourth season on TVJ. He is also negotiating with a major TV network to bring back his popular 'Mi and Mi Kru' sitcom soon.
"I am in negotiations to bring back the comedy series on TV, 2018 is going to be major, just look out," he said. 


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