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It is against the back drop of disaster, turmoil, outright brutality that could be used to describe the “bangarang” that took place in Western Kingston in May 2010, which left many persons dead, injured and countless inner city children traumatized that internationally acclaimed Jamaican songstress Cherine’s song “Shine on Jamaica” makes a profound statement.

Barrington Levy kicked off the "Murderer 2010 Tour" last night in West Hollywood at the House of Blues to a thriving crowd with energetic fans eager to hear the sweet sound of the mellow voice that is the legendary BARRINGTON LEVY.


Monday, 14 June 2010 04:42 Written by
Wah bad mind people ah go say now that Milk hit the mainstream once again, Tastee draw back fi her fi dem Talent Trail contest and it look like she about fi buss outta the pack. Her songs dem a gwaan good over Quad and pon radio and mi hear say she ah go star inna one play this Summer. her ting step up again, look how dem fight her and she still persevere and rise to the top like cream. Give it to dem, Milk!

New Jersey Reggae Fest celebrates a big 10

Monday, 14 June 2010 14:06 Written by
With an illustrious history of bringing the biggest and brightest names from the islands to the Garden State for an unforgettable annual Caribbean festival, the New Jersey International Reggae Fest is celebrating their 10th Anniversary with an enormous colorful fete at the Edison Park Complex in Newark on Sunday, August 15th.

Rollie Fresh Drops new single,

Tuesday, 15 June 2010 03:52 Written by
Rollie Fresh recorded a new single called What Is It earlier this week as he makes a genuine bid to shut down the Dancehall Game and shut the haters up. The young deejay who hails from Spanish Town is proving that he can flow bar to bar with the best of them and his latest song is already an underground sensation. In the meantime, his Wealthy video is in rotation on HYPE, RE and CVM Plus.

Who is better? Munga or Deva

Tuesday, 15 June 2010 04:21 Written by
As The Settlement approaches, dancehall fans are already speculating about the outcome of a clash between Munga Honorebel and Deva Brat. Munga is a few years removed from his potent best when he strongarmed the business with a trio of hit singles, and Deva Brat is no longer a member of the Portmore Empire, but he still has his swag as demonstrated on a number of recent hard-hitting singles.

Zumjay Back on the Gaza

Tuesday, 15 June 2010 04:49 Written by
DJ Zumjay is back on the Gaza, following his redeployment to the Middle East as a member of the US armed forces.

"Argentina ah my side" VYBZ KARTEL

Tuesday, 15 June 2010 08:43 Written by
While most Jamaicans support the Brazilian team and are celebrating the 2-1 victory over the Korea DPR, on the Gaza, the reaction is ho-hum, they couldn't care less. From Kartel to Popcaan, they say that the Argentinian side will emerge victorious.

Bounty Killer for Nuffy Portmore Awards?

Tuesday, 15 June 2010 10:26 Written by
Wah happen to the dutty Chineyman? The bloodclaat man play 11 two times today, ah football him a play, or the nuff 1-1 draw weh a gwaan inna the World Cup. People, mi no care wah anybody say, mi love the World Cup because work have a different energy now, the day dem fly by and Summer is here. We ready fi the session dem, wah do some nasty gyal who ah sell pussy over Backto fi $100, mi a hot gal, wah happen to some gyal who come ah dance come hype and house no bigger than mi stainless steel fridge?

Hyah Binghi Warns Perverts with 'Sixteen Years Old'

Wednesday, 16 June 2010 02:03 Written by
Dancehall has a tradition of doing songs about young girls and older men, and this Summer is no different as a new artiste called Hyah Bingy is raising eyebrows with a bouncy combination song called 'Sixteen Years Old' featuring Determine.

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