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Sunday, 26 December 2010 03:30 Written by
Everybody ah ask one question this morning: a wah dis dem really gimme fi Christmas doan eh? But seriously, folks, the real question is : who ah go tek Sting 2010? Mi a put my money pon Beenie Man. Even though him and Bounty ah go perform together like how dem drop it over Arthur Guinness concert inna stadium, mi know say ah Beenie ah go find a way fi throw the people dem a surprise and tek the whole ah Jamworld fi himself, people yu can bet your house pon it, the way mi sure. Octane ah go bun a fire, Khago ah go gwaan good, but mi feel that without a Mavado or a Kartel, that the stage set fi Beenie or Bounty tek it and wid dem a perform together, my money de pon Beenie Man, him ah pull something outta the bag.

Vybz Kartel, the Dancehall Hero, heads to Anguilla

Sunday, 26 December 2010 03:37 Written by
Vybz Kartel and the Portmore Empire will be performing in the Building nightclub tonight. However, tomorrow, dancehall's hottest acts will be jetting off to Anguilla to perform at a show called "Live in the Valley" on December 27th.

Kartel calls Bounty Killer a "mumma lashy'

Monday, 27 December 2010 09:45 Written by
Why Bounty Killer really badmind Kartel fah?

Can Laing mash up the Gaza?

Tuesday, 28 December 2010 00:56 Written by
Well, another year a draw to a close and dancehall music is still going strong. Spice gone a foreign gone have her baby, Sizzla ah join everybody who a bun out Kartel, Sting flop, Bounty Killer nuh badda show up a Sting, and the people dem tormented because the road dem bad, and the government ah tax out we rass. What can be done?Nutten nah go change, water still wet, sky still blue, shot still a buss a Jamaica, SAME SHIT, DIFFERENT DAY (SSDD). Right now, mi nah go no more party till Black and White and then mi a go tek a break and try save some more money because mi have a feeling say 2011 ah be a hell of a year. Big up to Sizzla, I Octane and Beenie Man, ah oonu mek Sting nuh look like a giant waste of time this year. Octane shell it down to the ground, and Sizzla was his fire bunning self, mi feel say 2011 is the YEAR OF THE RASTA, memba mi di tell yu, awoah!!! No JOP, no Gaza, no Alliance, no Gully fi Sting.


Tuesday, 28 December 2010 01:21 Written by
Sizzla launched a scathing attack on the gays, the corporate sponsors, and even Vybz Kartel during an energetic performance that has the whole industry abuzz again. Hitting the stage at about 6:20 a.m., the man from Judgment Yard was in awesome form, spitting out a steady stream of his signature hit songs such as 'Thank You Mama' , 'Can't Keep a Good Man Down' and 'Woman I Need You'.  

Kartel Drops new song, Shape of My Heart

Wednesday, 29 December 2010 16:45 Written by
Vybz Kartel has done a rendition of Sting's 1993 single Shape of My Heart, an unusual choice of song given his recent scatalogical offerings like 'Dancehall Hero' et al, but maybe there is a deeper meaning to his choice of song.


Thursday, 30 December 2010 04:31 Written by
WILL THEY RAID STREET VYBZ THURSDAY TONIGHT? Everybody a wonder if Street Vybz Thursdaze ah go get raid tonight? Laing say him nah ease up pon the pressure because dem violate no matter how much media dem go too because dem ting nuh straight and him ah go sort dem out. But the ting look fishy, Laing anno police again and that's why Kartel go pon Raga show and ask: "How dem neva come any other night before the event since them have issues with Vybz Kartel? Nobody neva come. Me and Corey stan up together inna di club every night. Every Tuesday wi deh deh, every Thursday wi deh deh, every Saturday wi deh deh. An nobody neva have nuh issues wid wi up until then. Why dem neva have nuh issue wid wi up until then? Why none a dis neva happen up until den? Dat a my question weh mi waan fi know." WILL THE COPS FORWARD TONIGHT SINCE DEM STAND UP DE EVERY NIGHT?????


Friday, 31 December 2010 00:54 Written by
One876entertainment would like to wish its readers HAPPY NEW YEAR. It's been a turbulent year so thanls for sticking with us through all the speed bumps we hit this year. See you in 2011, a year that the Chinese have dubbed "THE YEAR OF THE RABBIT".

Black Queen Beaten with bottle by Cash Money Selector

Friday, 31 December 2010 01:32 Written by
SCRATCHIE B BEATS BLACK QUEEN WITH A BOTTLE People, mi nuh stop get crazy bb and text pon mi phone say Scratchy B frazzle out Black Queen wid a bottle, all chop her inna her head, and just when the girl career ah step up again. How dem people ya so wicked??


Sunday, 02 January 2011 23:57 Written by
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