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Wednesday, 18 May 2016 09:01 Written by
Why is dancehall getting so much fight from all over the world? There has yet been another call for a clampdown on dancehall music and this time, it is Barbados Culture Minister Stephen Lashley who is leading the call for the genre to be banned from the airwaves.

Damian Crawford to host programme on radio

Tuesday, 17 May 2016 18:19 Written by
Former People’s National Party (PNP) Member of Parliament Damion Crawford will be hosting his own current affairs programme on Nationwide Radio beginning on May 25.  

DJ Frass disses Khago

Tuesday, 17 May 2016 23:24 Written by
Producer DJ Frass straight-up dissed Khago in a caustic tirade in the newspapers last week. 

Double murder in May Pen

Tuesday, 17 May 2016 13:43 Written by
A double murder has puzzled the May Pen police as to the motive behind the deaths of a man and a woman who were  shot and killed in a house in Ivey Close, May pen, Clarendon on Sunday night. 

  Wonder just wah ah go happen when Real Rich end up ah England later this year? Mi hear say him want 10 first class tickets, and 5 star hotel and vintage car fi pick him up at the airport. Wah him feel like? Mi listen to the promoter talk and him sound well serious, serious like a heart attack, like him ah go limb up Tanto Blacks if him no behave himself. Him no know say dem English promoter nu ramp wid people, dem will carry him go inna one flat at Peckham and lock  him down without water and food fi two days.   

Reggae Sumfest’s new boss Joe Bogdanovich is already making some big changes to the festival and the entire Sumfest experienceWith the 16th staging of the festival fast approaching, the businessman has revealed that there will be no international night this year and no international act.  

Mr. G has been receiving death threats via Instagram from persons aligned to Dexta Daps. The threats come in the wake of word that up-and-coming dancehall artiste Blakkman is asking veteran deejay Mr G who acts as his manager to release him from a five-year management contract. The artiste does not believe Mr G has been efficient. He has reported the matter to the police who are investigating.   


Sunday, 15 May 2016 14:13 Written by
Bootleg rum is big business in Jamaica. Recently, a Chinese man was convicted for breaches of the Trademark and Excise Duty Act at the Falmouth Resident’s Magistrate Court for the offence. 


Saturday, 14 May 2016 22:17 Written by
A heavily armed contingent of police carried out an operation in the McCooks Pen area of St Catherine in search of wanted men and illegal guns.  

Well known publicist Andrew Lee Pryce has refuted claims published online that he scammed an artiste known as Ras Slick out of a sum of money to get on a popular TV entertainment programme.  

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