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How some gyal say dem a hot gyal and toilet bump ah badda dem? Dem come pon the Negril beach and dem nuh look right, a wah do dem? Little Miss bus ride ah come up and it ah go hot. Fully Loaded ah keep this weekend, Ocho Rios Seafood Festival sell off, venue ram. Capleton show ah come up, Manchester Fiesta ah this weekend. Toya ah keep Propa Ugu next week. How dem say entertainment is on the decline? The PIOJ say that overall the sector is down by 7.9 per cent. But the way it look, the ting tun up right now. PS, my older sister called me this morning ah cuss bout how mi fi diss Bill Cosby when ah him represent fi all the black people dem inna the 80s when ah pure white sitcoms did a run the cut. Mi memba some ah the reruns dem pon TVJ but mi was always more of a Richie Pryor, Eddie Murphy, Martin Lawrence fans, big up Cosby still, ah u set the ting.

How so much artistes ah come boast off pon Jamaican people bout dem have reconditioned, poopinna Range Rover and all these things and the white man Josef Bogdanovich ah roll inna one 2010 X6? Weh dem feel like? Real money. Ah wealth we say. Wah happen to some ah dem new money artiste wid dem second hand tings and a boast off pon people, oonu fi buil!

Mi follow one ah mi cousin go Top Hill yesterday and the ting did well exciting and mad excitement but there was a scary moment when one of the beasts of burden almost run inna the crowd and squash some people. Hear one of my foreign cousin dem: "oh my gosh, did you see that? That beast almost killed those people, Jamaica is so barbaric." Mi laugh till mi heart string almost buss, how foreign people so coward man?

How D'Angel gwaan so good over the Ocho Rios Seafood Festival? She flatten the place over de wid her songs dem, especially Stronger and Downtown Girl. She really ah emerge as a superstar from the ghetto, she inna commercial, she ah model, she have her own business, she is a mother and she always book out. Her ting a gwaan.

How dem almost clap off Toya so over Ocho Rios Seafood Festival? Mi love how she handle it and do a next song and thank the people dem and come off. She deal wid it classy and she a grow from strength to strength.

When Elephant Man ah go get back him BMW?




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