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Wardrobe malfunctions were a big hit at Toya's Proper Ugu stage show last week at the Carlos Cafe treating the crowd to vistas of tight, glistening female flesh and teasing nipples.


ImageSpunky model Stacy made the men's hearts flutter in their chests with
her explosive dancehall routine to Kartel's Mek yu a Gwaan So. First,
she came on with a high energy series of moves. Then she did a
cartwheel, and then somersaulted into a perfect split, drawing oohs
and ahs from the crowd. But then, the men got a delicious surprise
when a pair of beautiful breasts popped out of her outfit. She tried
to cover them, but it was too late. A group of men cheered lustily,
and a surge of excitement ran through the crowd like an electric

ImageThere were several other instances where the men in the audience were
treated to a Venus landscape of winking bellybuttons, pierced
privates, cheeky tattoos, and perky nipples during the 30 minute show.
It was dancehall couture at its salacious, titillating best.

ImageOther standout moments included the finale, a nod to superstar Lady
Gaga when Toya was wheeled out in a wheelchair as Paparazzi blared out
the speakers. At the end of the catwalk, she got up shakinly, and then
wobbled on crutches. The crowd loved it. One particular female who had
been sniping at some of the pieces was clearly impressed. Her eyes
opened as big as saucers, and she had a big smile on her face as if to
say, 'I can't believe Toya pulled that off'.

ImageArguably the best routine of the night however was a choreographed
piece using chairs where the girls, dressed in fish net stockings and
see-through black lingerie, danced up a storm doing high leg kicks
over the backs of the chairs, as well as cute pirouettes and saucy
leg-crossing moves. The men drooled. Literally.

"Yu see #3, she is a good bitch, but her stocking tear," one man observed.

The piece ended with them exiting the stage to Cecile's 'Black Coffee'.

Other models in the show were Saint International model Kadian, Vanessa, and the lollipop-sucking Bobbi, and each impressed as they strutted their stuff on the catwalk. Milk was the emcee for the night's festivities. Bounty Killer showed support for the dancehall rookie Toya by appearing at
the event, artiste manager Q45, deejays Harry Toddler, New Kidz,
Captain Barkey, Down Sound Recording artiste G Warren, and producer
Cordel 'Skatta' Burrell, were also present.

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