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UK based promotor Scar Face is hopping mad at Ricky Trooper because he has refused to honor an agreement to play at an event for him.

The promoter and owner of UK based Playmaker Sound hired Trooper to play at an event called "Star Selector Wars" which was slated to take place on Saturday the 28th of September at the Santa Cruz Bus Park in St. Elizabeth. However Ricky trooper has backed out of the event after 5 months promotion.
The promoter said Ricky Trooper withdrew from the event "because he doesn't want to upset the gay and lesbian community in Europe."
“Everyone in the international dancehall community is aware that a member of my sound made a prank call to trooper last year posing as a gay promoter requesting his services in Europe to play at a gay event, which he agreed to do. The call was recorded and circulated all over the world, we never expected Trooper to take the bait. I thought he had gotten over it but obviously he hasn't and thats the reason he has taken my money and refuse to play at my dance,” said Scar Face.
According to the promotor what Ricky Trooper has done will only serve to ruin his credibility.
“Ricky Trooper thinks he is hurting me and my sound by not playing at our dance but he is only hurting him self. I mean what kind of person collects money to play at an event and just backs out like that with one month left, after 5 months promotion, what happened to "Save The Dancehall" now he has European dates and gay backing, has he forgotten about Jamaica people? The man has no morals and he is unprofessional .”
Adamant that the show must go on the promotor has contracted the services of ace Dancehall selector Pink Panther along with Red Heat, High Grade and Black Widdo from Negril and for first time in Jamaica Playmaker with Lady Lyrical on September 28th. He has also changed the name of the event to Go Hard or Die Trying, St Bess & UK Buk Up.
“This is show business and the business is bigger than all of us, I am not going to let Ricky Trooper and some guys in Europe stop me from keeping my dance. The man is a coward that’s all it is to it. We all know what dancehall music music and clashing is about, now the whole world can see what Trooper is about.” 
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