LA LEWIS SOLD UNDERPANTS FOR US$7000 #lalewis Featured

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Nuh tek LA Lewis simple, the man onto something, from the man gone into the lucrative art world and a ting dem call concept art, him ah mek crazy money. Just last week, Diplo buy LA Lewis underpants fi US$7000 and tweet about it. LA Lewis out de a use everyday tings weh him have inna him life, him old Blackberry cellphone, him clothesline, one sold sink pon a piece of concrete, the old barrel weh him have inna him yard and ah turn it into art and ah ship it to the UK cause him have an exhibition coming up in September. STOP THE FUCKING PRESSES, LA Lewis buss now!  

Last week, after Entertainment Report, nobody never did a talk about Busy Signal, ah LA Lewis dem a talk bout and the way it powerful, him trend international fi like five minutes. Read if yu tink a lie mi a tell, dem print screen the ting when him trend worldwide pon Twitter. LA LEWIS TO THE WORLD!!!

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