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Engineer did not release Bounty Killer diss track Featured

Archive Written by  ABENA AH BUSS DEM BUSINESS Tuesday, 26 July 2011 04:33 font size decrease font size increase font size 0
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The Kingston Elite engineer who voiced the 'Mash Up Everything', the Chase Cross diss track directed at Bounty Killer, ah say him never had nothing to do with the release of the track. The song did voice long time but it did just release wah day ya because Chase Cross himself requested it and wanted to get it out. Furthermore, the word on the street is that Chase Cross say him nah apologise and him nah tek back no talk. So yu know say ah the Gully Squad ah defend it and dem nah tek no talk from Killer and Pattexx and the rest ah the New Generation Alliance yute dem. So who Julian ah try frame fi it? Da ting ya caan iron or buy out. How the song fi get unauthorised release and it play 15 time ah Connie ni-nite? ANSA DA ONE DE


See it de, Pattexx ah go mek him name now, cause him drop a rahtid song ah diss up Mavado and Chase Cross. The General nuh haffi ansa dem, right Emprez? The man say him step pon dem like the 'Grungg" whe mi walk. Pattexx, yu swallow Mavado voice inna pudding, but yu a go hard, mi love it. DANCEHALL TUN UP RIGHT NOW, mi love how yu a defend the GENERAL!!!!!!!!! THE TING BUCCKKKKKKK!!!!! The war start!!!


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