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Engee Da Don sparks controversy with Mr. Bruce. Is it dissing the Prime Minister? Featured

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The artiste formerly known as Pickney has been ruffling feathers with his latest single, Mr. Bruce, a searing unapologetic commentary on life in Jamaica since Prime Minister Bruce Golding has taken over the reins of government. Did Engee Dadon go overboard? Tell us what you think.



At age fourteen, eNGee was discovered by Disc Jockey Youthman Troy, who regularly would spin tunes at the Roof Night Club in Ocho Rios. eNGee was oftentimes the winner of the Talent Contest held there on Tuesday evenings. Youthman Troy took him to Kingston and recorded eNGee’s first single called “God is my closest friend”, a dance hall song which was played frequently at the Roof Night Club.

Later in his teens, eNGee honed his creative talents and proved himself as a leader and an innovator when he organized a group of youngsters who lived in the same neighborhood on James Avenue in Ocho Rios into a dance group called Crazy Kids. They were. As their lead singer, then called Nas, not only did he orchestrated the formation of the group, he managed and directed them to perform, dance, and sing. The group became very popular because of their creative and unusual dances, miming and acting. They would go to different cities and perform in the street on Friday afternoons. Crazy Kids group became well known in the locales of Ocho Rios, Falmouth, Kingston (cross roads or half-way-tree), May Pen, St. Ann’s Bay and Linstead.

Around the age of eighteen, eNGee’s talent and ingenuity was recognized when he wrote a song for the popular musician, Merciless, and asked him to release it. At that time, both Merciless and another well know musician, Bounty Killer were in the midst of a rivalry where they used their music to “sound off” against each other. eNGee wrote a response to a song Bounty Killer had written to Merciless. Merciless recorded the song. Later, both eNGee and Merciless collaborated on song that became a hit called “nah tek nuh talk.“ eNGee thereafter became known in Reggae music circles as DJ “Pickney” which means child in the Jamaican dialect, because he was the youngest in the group of musicians in his circle.

In 2001, at age 20, eNGee entered the Tastee Talent Search Competition and won. In that same year, he himself recorded his first single and established DJ “Pickney” as his trade name on a song titled “Talk.” Since that time, his writings, recordings and dramatic performances have made him the talk in Reggae music.

In 2003, he performed in the Sting Miami concert where he received a write up which typifies the reviews of his performance, “Comedian DJ Pickney, brought the house down from the moment he hit the stage. Pushed on stage in an oversized baby stroller, the audience couldn't contain their laughter as the comedian eased himself out of the stroller, dressed like a real Pickney with bib, baby bonnet and all. His humorous lyrics only served to incite the audience even more. He indeed earned a lot of love in his Miami debut. Upcoming artiste Pickney had the Miami massive in awe as he totally wowed them. It should be interesting to see how he will fare in that part of the States. He has continued to perform, write and travel throughout Jamaica, the Caribbean, Europe and in the U.S.A.

Now that his talents have found their niche, he has defined himself as a musician for a New Generation of music lovers, with a sound that is a fusion of Reggae dancehall and Rap. In 2007, he renamed himself as eNGee dadon, calling his sound “Dancehall Rap.” So when you attend an eNGee event, you will be truly entertained, drawn into an experience of eclectic and exciting rhythms and lyrics that will bring you to your feet, making you laugh, dance and sing.

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