"Addi anno mi daddy, ah Jesse Hog" - Doza Medicine /ARTISTE LEAVES THE PORTMORE EMPIRE CAMP Featured

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Portmore-based dancehall artiste Doza Medicine has announced that he is no longer a member of the Portmore Empire as of this weekend.

"Addi anno mi daddy, ah Jesse Hog ah my father," Doza Medicine told today.

Doza Medicine, whose real name is Andrew Marlon Cardoza, is known for the singles, Fire Squeeze, Stay Focus on the Storytella riddim and Sci Fi Guy single that appeared on the Empire Universe Second Chapter album that was released recently on iTunes.

“I say Gaza no more because a lot of time when I was there, I felt left out, nobody paid me any mind, I have been doing me from long
time,” he said.

The deejay said that the animosity within the Gaza ranks increased last week when he voiced a single called Mi Lef for
producer Ainsley ‘Notnice’ Morris. Doza said that members of the Gaza camp have been calling his phone in a threatening
manner and complaining that he was "dissing the boss".

“I did a song called ‘Mi Lef’, and they say that I disrespected the Gaza, mi disrespect Empire and Vybz Kartel, but it is just an
allegation, they’re using craft and style just to say that I am not in it, or to create a reason to have a confrontation,” he said.

Doza said that the calls began two days after the single hit youtube.

“Members of the Gaza call mi, people who live on the Gaza and even
the Emperor himself called and said, ‘wah kinda song dat yu do yute,
ah diss man? And yu say yu lef Gaza and no man no tell yu nothing
(like that), all Jahvinci ah do all song, my yute, everything good mi
yute”,” Doza explained.

“I asked what did I do to disrespect? I asked Kartel five times and him
caan tell me what he claimed I did, all now.”

Doza Medicine said that their reaction sums up the level of paranoia
and mind control that made it so difficult for him to continue being
a member of the Portmore Empire.

“I only call one person name in the song, that is Jesse, I don’t get the point. They say I am disrespectful. I didn’t know they were words
I can’t say like ‘forget you’, why I can’t say ‘I am my own boss’. Is it because I voice for Notnice and he and Notnice are no longer
friends,” he said.

Doza Medicine said that he is tired of the “programming” and the”
mind games” on the Gaza.

“Mi no care, mi tired of this life, I can’t say certain things. I can’t say that I am the baddest deejay no more. Why when I voice this
specific song? I have used parables and metaphors before so why this trouble yu so Vybz Kartel,” he asked pointedly.

Asked if he feared any retaliation for leaving the camp, he said:

"I pay my own bills, I send my own son to school, I don’t care, even if they are using style to build up a conflict. Mi throw mi corn,
never call no fowl, and pigeon and bird and everything fly down. How comes? If anything do mi, yu know a who. We know style and craft. I am
fearful, I am aware of them, and know what they’re capable of, mi de de long time, mi know wah him capable of."

"Look how Idonia diss you and other man call yu name and diss yu inna song, and you don't do nothing. I don’t even see him, mi ah do me!"

Doza Medicine was one of the original members of the Portmore Empire joining the camp at the same time as other members such as Deva Brat, Lisa Hype, Blak Ryno, and Shawn Storm.

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