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People, mi just get the link pon Twitter wid an interview a girl name Kizzy do with a yute name Roshan Shaw and him a talk the tings dem bout the gay lifestyle wid the used car businessman. Him ah say him a get death threats from the yute friend dem from the video buss out, but him no care because him no fraida nobody and him back broad. Him say him is a college grad and him mother and Ian used to work at the same place and him ah buss the business bout this other yute who just get married wah day ya but did de wid the yute too. Ah pure passa passa. Big up Kizzy, yu site buss, 876grapevine.blogspot to the world

ROSHAN SHAW: just drove in my house with secuirty, can u believe it



Kizzy Clarke
r u serious? why?

Roshan Shaw
death threats im gettin from Ians cronies

Kizzy Clarke
wat did ure dad say?

Roshan Shaw
he is on top of it, im stressed right now

Roshan Shaw
please post this and get my word out for me princess

Roshan Shaw July 13 at 7:29pm

1. How long were u together?


2. How did u meet him?

he worked with my mother at m***r s**** before they fired him for embezzlement

3. How old r u?

College Grad, 28

4. Wat hapened 2 btwn u both that caused u 2 release this tape?

i got tired of his foolishness and him manipulating folks expecially young and underaged boys with hiss so called influence and then hide behind his false religions, louis farakhan has denounced him today.

5. Has he hurt u in the past?

when he attepted to get my mom fired, robbed me discreetly and continually tried to deficate on my character

6 How does he feel about the release of the tape?
he is I**** n and he can turn around any circumstances and make it work for him and make him more poerful and popular

7 Hav u spoken 2 him since?

yes on sunday last

8 What caused u 2 tape him n was this ure 1st time taping him?

i just senced him going to betray me as he have done so in the past, yes it was the first time

9 Hav u had sexual relations with him n how long its been going on?

yes for 4 yrs but he was cheatin on me woith S ---- n and S____ E***s

10 Did ure dad know about ure relationship with him? '

Heavens no, he would have killed me as he depises Ian ErrolLyn!


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