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Double X not worried about death threats

Double X not worried about death threats Featured

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Dancehall artiste Double X is not unduly worried about the verbal threats of physical violence and maiming , and aspirations about his sexual orientation and such.   
"I heard about it but haven't seen it myself. The threats that is," he said in an interview with 
The deejay, who lives in Maryland, USA, will not be beefing up his security detail. 
"I am not worried as I didn't say what they are accusing me of. And many Jamaicans know that," he added.
During an interview with Anthony Miller for Entertainment Report, Flexx reportedly said: 
"How a man fi de a prison and a get so much song a play and people out there hustling every day and caan get no play? Some mix up and some bias a gwaan," he said during the interview. "Mi no care if dem (Gaza fans) waan say nothing, I feel that if a man is convicted, he should pay the consequences of that. mi like Kartel music and when artistes go prison, yu huh hear one song from dem....there needs to be a balance, play some Kartel but play them, Kartel caan tour inna prison. Push the people dem who can push up the flag. Boom Boom ah the biggest eediat."

But now, given the public backlash and the vitriol unleashed against him on Twitter, since Kartel has been moved to the Tower Street Adult Correctional centre, he wants to clarify his statements.
"I'm just focused on getting the message out that there is a misunderstanding caused by blogs etc who spliced and re-edited my interview to give the people the wrong impression. My message was for some of the selectors. Letting them know that they need to step up their game and play with a little more variety. I do not regret that message but I am appalled by the fact that these so called blogs would go to that extreme by changing up my words as that is defamation of character and it will addressed," he said. 
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