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Benji Hype says focus on your music, and not gimmicks

Benji Hype says focus on your music, and not gimmicks Featured

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Dancehall artiste Benji Hype believes that young artistes need to refrain from using cheap publicity stunts and gimmicks to generate attention without focussing on honing their delivery and writing skills.


"I realise that a lot of young artistes coming up are not focussed on production, and learning and improving their craft, they want to skip the line, so some of them ah kidnap themselves, they are wearing masks, bleaching, dem a do all kind of things that have nothing to do with the craft and becoming a better artiste," he said, laughing. 


The artiste believes that it takes time for artistes to develop and create a unique sound that can cross international boundaries.  


"When I came into the industry, I thought that i was just come in and take over, but it is not as easy as it seems, it takes time to improve as a recording artiste and some things you can only learn through practise and time. You have to put in the hours to be great, you have to wait your turn, it just takes time," he said.


Benji believes that his time may just be coming round at last. He is seeking to capitalise from the buzz around his latest single, 'Run the Place', released on the College Boiz label on the Party Shellaz riddim. 


"Since the song first blast out, mi a get crazy requests for dubs from disc jockeys and street selectors, everybody ah say 'Benji, yu find it!'.So right now, mi a turn up the promotion on this song all over the world," he said. 


Released on August 21st, the single is already generating a great buzz on the radio. 


"The song is playing on IRIE, ZIP, and Suncity Radio, plus stations in Miami, New York, and Philadelphia have linked me about the song. The street selectors say it can mix in with the hottest songs that a run road right now," he said. 


A music video to capitalise on the song's popularity is in the works. 


The 'Run the Place' features traditional bad man lyrics but is delivered with a sweet pop-dancehall hook that can get mainstream airplay and still play in the dance.


"The song can play right alongside any party song that a run road right now, in fact it is playing right after Aidonia's 'Yeah Yeah' in the dance, Boom Boom ah deal with it wicked," he said.  


 Other singles from the artiste include 'It's Time' featuring Ginjah, and 'Mi No Care If Yu Gi It Weh'.


"Right now, mi a go all out fi mek this happen. The people dem a show mi crazy love on Facebook and Twitter, and that just encourage me to go harder. The sky is the limit," said Benji.

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