Jamaicans want an investigation into incident where woman beats daughter with cutlass UPDATE: WOMAN DETAINED Featured

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Jamaicans in civil society wants the Children's Advocate and the police to investigate an incident in which a woman, reportedly a resident of Bath in St. Thomas used a cutlass to beat her teenage daughter in a video which is circulating widely via social media. 


Jamaicans reacted in horror to scene, with some posting comments like 'wickedness' and 'prison business that, how the mampy fi do a ting like that?' on social media sites online. Others identified the woman as 'Dah and one of her twins dem" and that the incident had occurred in Bath, St. Thomas. 

"I say lock her up, who remember the incident that took place, same place in Jamaica where the mother throw the knife at the child and it stick right up her heart and kill her, I was watching the clip with her beating the child with the machete and I was like suppose it miss and chop her in the lower abdomen and she died what would she say? Plus that is a big enough girl to hear when her mom talk, if you scold a big girl like that by using a machete, then clearly something is wrong mentally with the parenting of the child," one user said on the one876fan page.


Others demanded an immediate investigation into the incident.

"Ah only bwoy pickney mi see get dem kind of beating de from dem father. The woman gone straight a prison once this gets in the hands of the Child Development Agency," another user opined. 

 Still, some others found humour in the event with one man saying : "all the dog get some b----cl----th lick too, she all get naked fi beat her, yu caan spare the rod and spoil the child!!".

In an update this evening, the half-naked woman in question is currently in police custody over the video which shows her grabbing a girl and  beating a child with what appears to be a machete, or a half-a-lass in Jamaican parlance, while the child wails in agony. 

"Adult seen in video beating a child now in Police cudtody," the Jamaica Constabulary Force disclosed on Twitter this afternoon.


In the video, the half-naked woman can be heard saying "mi tired a oonu", while gripping the back of a young girl's garment and hitting her several times with the object. 




 The JCF said it would provide more information on the incident later.





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