New Kidz is 'Firm Like a Rock'

New Kidz is 'Firm Like a Rock' Featured

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  Dancehall artiste New Kidz is getting major props for the single, 'Firm Like a Rock' on the Nectar riddim for Don Richie Records.


The single leads out the speaker-thumping Nectar riddim which also features heavyweights like Sizzla, established acts like New Kidz, veterans like Junior Cat, Screechy Joe, and new acts like Black Suede, Dizzy Carta, Paparazzi and others. 
The riddim is released on the Don Richie Records label, a new independent company that wants to shake up the dancehall industry. 
"This is our first major project, and we are proud to have achieved such success with the Capleton single, 'All Eyes on You'. We have a lot of work ahead of us," Leroy Sampson, executive producer of the project, and chief executive officer of Don Richie Records, said. 
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