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The immediate family of Edi Fitzroy is asking members of the public to desist from sending money to Ali Edwards, the nephew of Edi Fitzroy. 


"The vault is paid for, my father will be buried at Dovecot. The only thing that we are waiting to do is to do the programme together as sisters. I am asking the public not to send money to any fake organisation, we will not be held responsible. That is not our principle, we are not allowing anyone to scam using our father's name," Ann-marie Edwards, the eldest daughter of the late singer, told


"A nephew cannot pass five biological kids to organise a funeral, police told him to turn over the death certificate to my aunt, and he has failed to do so. The police have informed us that all the sisters have to come to May Pen, and then we will get the death certificate."


The irate daughter said that her cousin, Ali Edwards tried to keep a dance in May Pen, but they quickly scuttled those plans.  


"My aunt had the police cancel the dance in May Pen. This man has no shame. Ali, if you loved your uncle so much, why bring his name into scandal?  Cayman is such a small place, and after this story hit the Internet, I saw people looking at me at the gas station, I am so embarassed," she said. 


She said that her father would not be buried in Chapelton, contrary to what was reported on social media earlier, but instead the late singer would be laid to rest in Dovecot Memorial. 


"He loved his mother so much. He will be buried on top of her," she said. 


The eldest sister, who has lived in Grand Cayman for the last 25 years, said that the problems started between her and Ali Edwards, when she refused to pay the property tax for the property in Chapelton. 


"He said they had to pay property tax before they could put the body there. But I have my own responsibilities, I would not be doing that. When he realised he wasn't getting my money, he began to tell the cops that Edi is not in contact with none of his five daughters, that is a lie. it is so disturbing. Please, I am asking the public, don't send Ali any money, when I come, I will take care of my father's funeral expenses," she said. 


Edi Fitzroy is survived by five daughters: Ann-marie, Nadine, Shenique, Afreeka and Deka. The singer's son, Rory, who attended Wolmer's Boys High School, predeceased the singer years ago. 


The nephew, Ali Edwards, is however, insisting that Edi Fitzroy wanted to be buried in the funeral plot in Chapelton, Clarendon. 


"I have challenges with those who were supposed to support in paying for the funeral, but because my uncle made it clear that he wants to be buried in Chapelton, they don't want to help to pay for the funeral. The challenge is not really financial, they are fighting against me," Ali Edwards, nephew of the late singer, told LOOP NEWS. 


Edwards said that Edi Fitzroy was upset when one of his cousins, Wally, was not buried in the family's funeral plot in Chapelton only two months ago, and made it clear that he wanted to be buried in the family funeral plot.


"My uncle was the one who sent me to school, he was one of my closest relatives, I was the one who built the tomb to bury his son when he died years ago, and he wants to be buried by his son's side, and I will respect his wishes. All of the Edwards clan are buried in the spot in Chapelton," he said. 


The conflict has resulted in members of the family not offering their financial support to defray the cost of the funeral. 


"They have brought personal issues and feelings into it, and I just want to do right by my uncle, I am the closest person who uncle have, and I have friends, I will make sure that his wishes are honoured. The family members, his wife and children supposed to come forward but they want to bury him in town, and that's what is causing the problem," he said. 


Fitzroy will be buried on March 25th. 

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