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After a vicious backlash on social media after her controversial interview on ER where she seemed to support the candidacy of Republican nominee Donald Trump, reggae star Etana has issued a statement to clarify any misunderstandings her political views may have caused.   
"Let me first address my real fans; if I have offended you, I apologise. But please understand that everything said during the interview was not broadcasted.
As a journalist, Anthony Miller has to do what he has to do and as an artiste I should have been more careful. I should will always be aware of my position and stay reminded that everyone is not happy for me. In addition, rasta nuh business inna bangarang I should not have gotten into politics, I broke the unspoken rule," she said in the statement.
"Be reminded that everyone is entitled to their own opinion, I am not perfect and we won't always agree with each other or say what pleases each other. That being said, I had a conversation with Anthony about a number of things.I will not blame the messenger but my comments were not carried in their entirety."
She explained: 
"I was asked, what do you think of the current situation in Jamaica? My response: I wouldn't live the rest of my life in Jamaica because though the education is tops and nobody can beat that and the police are doing much better,  the system isn't helping the people. I purposely said it that way because if I had said, "oh the system isn't working" that would not be new! we have all heard that a million times. I said it intentionally." 
She said that her deep desire to advocate change for the poor and disenfranchised may have coloured her statement. 
"I never said Jamaica was worse than anywhere and never said I moved or wanted to move! I have dual citizenship, I still live in Jamaica for several weeks out of the year. Jamaica is my home and nothing and no one can change that. Born and bred here, and I am very proud but I deeply desire change. Poor people do live under extreme pressure, like it or not, as much as they find it in them to smile."
He said: but that's not affecting you because you are who you are. 
"I responded: well, I care for the people and the poor and minimum wage is too low. When I break $5,000 it's  not enough for all my expenses for the day much less for the week. There is no ambulance, for emergency services for poor people only for the people with the most money, if available. The people also have no government benefits and little child's probably so small it can't buy a tin of feeding. I also said there is trouble across the world and Jamaica is no worse off than any other country but the people need to get up and start demanding what is needed to make the country better."
She said she will not ignore the plight of the poor, or stop advocating for real generational change.
"My comments were taken to mean I turn my back on the country. And that me frighten for "foreign". (smh). That is far from the truth, I love my country."
She also sought to clarify her remarks on Donald Trump, saying he is a Washington outsider who may be able to spark real change. 
"During the interview, Anthony said I hear you support Trump, I said, "yes but to be honest, neither of them are great" but if I had to chose I'd chose him because at the end of the day people are being shot in America and the president has done nothing about it. He hasn't shown any outrage or any real anger at cops shooting innocent blacks. He can, and should do more, but for political reasons, he cannot. Maybe Obama has to be careful about his legacy, but as a black man, he should be more vocal, we need change, not platitudes." 
She said that Anthony Miller, during the interview, asked her what her thoughts were on Trump.
"He (Miller) said: Donald Trump is stupid and changes his talk a lot and all sort of things but he is frank. I responded: yes and that is what I think a president should be: black and white cut and dry. I don't like leaders going around the corner instead of telling the truth."
The 'Wrong Address' singer said there is a very real problem of racist white police officers hunting down innocent black men. 
"Point is condolences don't replace a life and with all these shootings something has to be done. Who do you think is gonna fix it? Is it that black people In America are hopeless? Because who is in power cant fix the police killing innocent, unarmed black people issue. It has to be an issue that is on all our minds and my wish is that someone will step in and do something about the issues pressing our minds today. 
She says that Trump may not be the panacea to solve all problems. 
I am not saying Trump is the answer, he has some serious charges against him from the people. I don't know a lot about his wife and should not have mentioned that she was Mexican, I agree that was an uninformed statement and I was corrected by Anthony, but I'll go back to saying I cannot be happy with seeing innocent black men die by the gun by police and then the police walk away free in the majority of cases, when there is black president. It's just my view is all, I didn't ask for anyone to agree it's fine if you don't."
She also shot down arguments that she had made a racist statement against Mexicans.
"For the record, at no time did I say Mexicans were bad people! I first declared to Anthony I am not prejudice in any way then I said bad people from all races come into the country, start families and then they strike! And that people are afraid to even take a flight and nothing is being done."
She said that she will defend her right to have her own opinion. 
"If you have never had a difference in opinion then you're not living. I don't care for politics I care for the safety of the people. I mentioned as well my personal views on politics has nothing to do with my music.  I write most of my songs but I don't address politics in my songs, but, I am entitled to my opinions. "
In closing, she apologised to her fans once again and appealed to well-thinking Jamaicans to not rush to judgement after seeing the vitriol poured out against her on Twitter and other social media platforms. She will continue to advocate for a better life for the disenfranchised and voiceless. 
"It broke my heart that Jamaicans believe I don't remember where I am coming from. I have done a lot of good for many and represented  my people and my country to the best of my ability and always will. All the issues may not affect me directly but I truly care for my people and never go a day without thinking of the poor, the sick the elderly and the needy. Instead of having conversations about politics and injustice, I will continue to do my part. I am woman enough to say that I truly apologise to my fans who are affected negatively. I am also aware I can't please everyone. Damned if you do, dammed if you don't. My heart is full but I walk from strength to strength." 
She had a parting shot for her detractors. 
People talk, I rise, never fail and I am Not afraid! Unconditional love.
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