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St. Thomas-based dancehall artiste Di Ruption has appealed to judge Martin Gayle to be lenient and show mercy when sentencing dancehall icon Ninjaman on December 15th.  


"I believe that Ninjaman is the Paul Bogle of the dancehall industry. He is a true icon who doesn't deserve to live out the rest of his days in prison, and this would be a death sentence with his heart condition and his age as he is over 50," Di Ruption told
"Furthermore, ah nuff innocent man de a prison, trapped by a corrupt system, so mi no wish prison pon no man and since Ninjaman already convicted, don't give him a death sentence, give him a lighter sentence, so after a few years him can apply for parole, and come out and help ghetto youths. Mi witness him give a man a foot on Facebook Live and build house fi poor people and do whole heap a good rings," the artiste reasoned. 
Di Ruption is known for the breakout hit, Trodding Alone, which hit the FIWI Choice top ten charts this week. 
Under Jamaican law, murder is a serious crime, and there is a set approach to sentencing for this offence set out in law.
The judge must impose a life sentence and follow guidance on the minimum amount of time the offender must be in prison before being considered for release (this is sometimes referred to as the tariff).
The harm caused by any offence that results in a death is immeasurable. The sentence is not a measure of the value put on the life of the victim.

Depending on the facts of the offence the starting point for the minimum time served in prison for an adult ranges from 15 to 30 years. For an offender under 18 the starting point is 12 years. It is unusual, but some offenders receive a whole life tariff, which means they will spend the rest of their life in prison. 

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