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  Fashion designer Dexter '3D' Pottinger will be buried in a private funeral service to celebrate his life on October 23rd at an undisclosed location in the Corporate Area. 


"Pottinger's body was cremated last Tuesday by his family. We are not sure which church the service will be held at, but the service will be a private one, and is not open to the public because of the media speculation over his death," the source told Claude Mills. 


Pottinger was found dead at his home in St Andrew on August 31. 


The body was found in a reported state of decomposition at his Eureka Avenue home off Washington Boulevard. Anecdotal reports suggest that the fashion designer's throat was cut and neighbours said that they had "heard screaming" the night before. 


Twenty-one-year-old Romario Brown, the man charged with the murder of the fashion designer, was denied bail when he appeared in the St Andrew Parish Court last week.  

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