Bus crushes man in Spanish Town by Althea Burrell

Bus crushes man in Spanish Town by Althea Burrell Featured

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Patience is a virtue in decidedly short supply. One man found out that the hard way as in his haste to be on his journey, he hopped on a bus, fell and was crushed by the wheels of the said bus.  


According to eyewitness reports, the man had been waiting in a bus at the Spanish Town terminus, but grew impatient as the bus took a long time to 'load' and make its full quota so that it could be on its way.  The man saw another bus in the Spanish Town square, and that bus was in the process of leaving, so he decided  to exit and attempted to hop onto the bus while it was in motion, but lost his footing and fell. The bus ran over him. 


"Mi a drive inna the middle of the road, and mi feel the bus run over something and there is no bump in the middle of the road, so I stopped. When mi go outside, big crowd draw, the bus had run over a man," a visibly shaken bus driver Owen James told a Loop reporter.


The passengers in the bus quickly disembarked and assisted in getting the injured man onto the bus. James drove him to the Spanish Town hospital for emergency treatment, but the man eventually succumbed to his injuries in the Spanish Town, and was pronounced dead while undergoing treatment.



The man has since been identified as Sanjay Stewart Grey of an unknown address.


An eyewitness  recounted that the man was on a bus designated for Half Way Tree and kept telling the driver he was in haste and that he was wasting time.


"The driver didnt pay him any mind while the bus was loading. The man vex and come off and wi jus see weh de man hop onto Sun Tour Classic and drop off and the  left back wheel run over him," the eyewitness recounted.


"Mi don't know if him drop because him a wear slippers or what, but it just unfortunate how him lose him life through carelessness."


A subsequent report was made at the Traffic Department of the Spanish Town police and an investigation launched into the incident. 

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