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Written by February 07 2017 0
A St. Catherine woman who beat a minor with a piece of stick all over his body, pleaded guilty to the offence of assault occasioning bodily harm.
Written by February 07 2017 0
A St. Catherine labourer who was found guilty of rape and abduction in the St Catherine Circuit Court  last week was yesterday  sentenced to 25 years imprisonment.
Written by January 22 2017 0
 Forty-two-year-old Aryton Nelson, a mechanic of Newlands, Portmore has been reported as one of the two men shot along the Newlands main road yesterday.
Written by January 18 2017 0
Dancehall star Benzly Hype has had a rough couple of weeks. First, he lost his mother, Beatrice Morris, after a long battle with cancer, then he has had to undergo a traumatising experience because of a mix-up between the cemetery and the funeral home which resulted in her coffin being  disinterred so it could be placed in the right funeral plot. 
Written by January 17 2017 0
  Several media houses are now before the Supreme Court, facing charges of breaches of the copyright laws. The lawsuits were brought against them by the Jamaica Association of Authors Composers and Publishers (JACAP), which represents over two million creators of music worldwide, including over 3400 Jamaicans.  
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