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Written by October 10 2016 0
A gruesome murder has left the community of Hague in Trelawny reeling in horror. A man said to be of unsound mind last night had his home set ablaze after being accused of gruesomely killing a well-known elderly taxi operator in a small, informal section of Hague, Trelawny, yesterday evening, shortly after 4 p.m.
Written by October 09 2016 0
Two men who allegedly went on a robbery spree in Dam Head, St Catherine, yesterday, were severely beaten by residents before they were taken into police custody.
Written by October 09 2016 0
An unidentified male who was standing in the vicinity of Heritage Mall,  Burke Road on Saturday,  October 8, 2016 was approached by armed men who opened fire and shooting him multiple times all over his body.   
Written by October 09 2016 0
The St. Catherine North police are investigating a grisly scene this morning where five persons were shot and killed in the community of Africa in March Pen Road at about 2:03 am today. Men dressed in police uniforms and posing as police kicked in the door of two houses at 7 March Pen Road (Africa) and opened gunfire on its occupants. Five persons were killed and two injured.
Written by October 02 2016 0
It appears that the powerful Hurricane Matthew might churn just east of Jamaica and that the island will escape a direct hit. But even a sideswipe from this monster could be fatal as forecasters said up to 38cm (15 ins) of rain could fall across Jamaica and on southern Haiti.
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