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Written by March 21 2017 0
  A group of men from Irish Pen escalated a 'school conflict' into a bloody face off at the Eltham High school on Monday during which four persons were stabbed, including three students, and a female 15 year-old grade ten student of Eltham High school. One of the men from Irish Pen was stabbed three times and had to receive emergency surgery last night while the 15 year-old schoolgirl was released from the Spanish Town hospital this morning and is now at home recuperating after a stabbing incident at the school on Monday. 
Written by March 15 2017 0
Social media is in a frenzy over photos which emerged over the weekend from the set of  the controversial new music video showing the rapper Snoop Dogg aiming a gun at a clown that depicts controversial president Donald Trump. 
Written by March 15 2017 0
After Facebook Hero was removed from a recent show, rumours ran wild about the status of the social media sensation's green card. The mushrooming debate has caused friction between former friends, Marvin the Beast and Facebook Hero. 
Written by March 15 2017 0
Marvin The Beast has distanced himself from the allegations being made by Facebook Hero, his former friend and music partner. The dancer has denied statements made by Facebook Hero which suggest that Marvin's brother had threatened Hero's physically disabled sister.
Written by March 15 2017 0
The immediate family of Edi Fitzroy is asking members of the public to desist from sending money to Ali Edwards, the nephew of Edi Fitzroy. 
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