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Written by December 01 2016 0
  At least two flights were diverted to the Donald Sangster International airport after the lights on the runway at the Norman Manley International airport went out this evening. One876 made a call to the Control Tower at the NMIA , but the person who answered said they were "not authorised to give out information to the media and they could not confirm or deny that the lights had gone out on the runway". 
Written by November 30 2016 0
An argument between two women in a parking lot in south Los Angeles turned (even more) violent when one of the people involved began throwing fists, which led to one of the ladies jumping into a Toyota RAV4 and taking aim at the other person and another car.
Written by November 28 2016 0
  Depravity was defined downwards yesterday when an 84-year-old woman, who lived alone, was gang-raped and killed by men who broke into her home on Cockburn Avenue, in St Andrew. The community exercised its own brand of vigilante justice by chasing and killing one of the perpetrators. 
Written by November 27 2016 0
Producer-artiste Seanizzle is now in stable but serious  condition at the Kingston Public Hospital after an accident early this morning. 
Written by November 26 2016 0
  A relationship between a Worldnet employee and her spouse turned took an ugly turn that resulted in her being constantly been beaten, and thrown in a canal. Eventually, the two appeared in the St. Catherine Parish court recently to deal with abuse charges.
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