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Written by March 14 2015 0
Bob Andy, one of reggae’s great songwriters, was attacked and robbed in the Mona area of St Andrew Friday afternoon.
Written by March 13 2015 0
A new market may be opening up for the well-endowed, well hung male as South African doctors announced today that they had performed the world's first successful penis transplant, three months after the ground-breaking operation.
Written by March 13 2015 0
The police have advised that all schools in the Corporate Area are now closed due to the heavy smoke emanating from the Riverton City Landfill in St Andrew.
Written by March 13 2015 0
  There will be no dance to celebrate the birthday of former don, Christopher 'Dudus' Coke in the area known as Top Ten in Tivoli Gardens this weekend. West Kingston Police have denied the permit.
Written by March 13 2015 0
A video has surfaced online with a confrontation between a tall man and a short cop that ended in violence. The man, egged on by supporters, attempted to defy the policeman's attempts to place him under arrest. The cop told the man several times that he was authorized to use force to subdue him and stil the man resisted, even when the cop unholstered his weapon. Then gunshots rang out and the two cops tried to rush outsde the venue with the dying man.
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