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Written by April 08 2015 0
Just heard in the streets that the rogue cop had used his mother's car in the ill-fated robbery attempt in Hanover last week. His mother is a guidance counsellor in the parish and is well respected in her community. Our condolences go out to her in this difficult time. 
Written by April 04 2015 0
Ah long time dem police bwoy ya a moonlight as robber and tief a night time wid dem service revolver. Early this morning, a Westmoreland-based policeman, was shot dead by an off-duty cop when he reportedly tried to rob a bar in Hopewell, Hanover.  
Written by April 03 2015 0
A mother requested the judge to force her 'babyfather' to pay for a magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) for her 12 month old baby who was allegedly injured during a fight with the man. 
Written by April 03 2015 0
A man was fined 50,000 or six months imprisonment for operating an event without the required permit when he appeared before RM A. Nembhard in the Spanish Town Court  
Written by April 03 2015 0
A woman who is accused of allegedly touching two younger female students in an inappropriate manner was remanded into custody when she appeared in the Spanish Town Resident Magistrates' court on Tuesday. 
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