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Written by May 12 2017 0
An Old Harbour resident, 39 year old Christobal Onesiunus Hecchavarria of Lot 19 Sacava South in Old Harbour, was shot and killed earlier this morning.
Written by May 10 2017 0
The mother, who is alleged to have placed her twin sons' fingers in a pot of boiling water, pleaded guilty when she appeared in the St. Catherine Parish court yesterday.
Written by May 10 2017 0
A double murder plunged the town of Linstead into mourning on Monday.
Written by May 10 2017 0
A St. Catherine woman who is facing a charge of cruelty to her child, and who had previously pleaded guilty to that charge, told a probation officer in her social enquiry report that she was innocent of the charge and will therefore have to be tried.
Written by May 03 2017 0
Two men were charged with possession of cocaine, dealing in cocaine and taking steps preparatory to the exportation of cocaine when they were apprehended transporting 2.3 kilo grammes of cocaine with a street value of over $2.7 million. 
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