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Written by March 11 2015 0
Persons are being advised to avoid the Riverton City landfill as it is once again on fire. 
Written by March 11 2015 0
  Several media houses are now before the Supreme Court, facing charges of breaches of the copyright laws. The lawsuits were brought against them by the Jamaica Association of Authors Composers and Publishers (JACAP), which represents over two million creators of music worldwide, including over 3400 Jamaicans.
Written by March 10 2015 0
Classes at the Kilsyth Primary and Infant school in Frankfield, Clarendon have been suspended for the day after Natalee Gayle, a female warden was shot dead outside the institution on Monday morning.
Written by March 09 2015 0
  Macka Diamond will head to the UK in May 2015 alongside I Octane. She will also be doing shows in Europe, with two shows tentatively confirmed already for Paris, France.   
Written by March 09 2015 0
  Anthony B will tour Europe for six weeks beginning April 1st. The tour will snake through Netherlands, France, Germany and Belgium.       
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