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Written by March 08 2015 0
The death toll continues to mount in Jamaica as two unidentified male bodies were discovered in the trunk of a motor car on Belvedere Road in Chester Castle, Hanover on Friday, March 6. The Hanover Police are investigating the circumstances surrounding the deaths. 
Written by March 08 2015 0
A warrant was issued for the arrest of Officer M. Raughin in the Spanish Town Resident Magistrates'  Court by Senior RM Lyle Armstrong on March 2, 2015.
Written by March 08 2015 0
  A repeat offender, Brian Haughton, who was previously arrested for robbery with aggravation was slapped with an additional charge of malicious destruction of property and escaping custody  when he appeared before RM Simone Maddix in the Spanish Town RM Court on March 3, 2015.
Written by March 06 2015 0
Etana has responded to . "The politics in the business never seems to amaze me. Big ups to all the players of instruments and vocalists who worked hard to the music of this song. Even though you all laughed at me when I asked for just the heartbeat (kick drum). I still managed to come to the studio the following day and delivered on what you all thought was a joke in the beginning. I'm not too much for politics and label decisions. VP, Please send out a proper release giving proper respects to Shane Brown for a job well done ..." Brown shot back with a quick-fire response.  "We all laughed with each other while making a great record and supported each other 100 per cent by sharing ideas. VP doesn't need to send out a release to give me respect, as my work speaks for itself. What they can do is put that energy into the few artistes that have left. This is not political. It's truths and rights. I don't see what you are amazed about."  
Written by March 06 2015 0
Jamaican music producer Anju Blaxx is now in the belly of the beast as he has been transferred to the state of North Dakota to face scamming charges there. 
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