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Written by January 31 2018 0
Yesterday, the House of Representatives approved a resolution put forward by Prime Minister Andrew Holness to extend the state of public emergency in St James.
Written by January 25 2018 0
Hundreds of terrified students fled to the auditorium of St Jago High School in Rivoli, St Catherine and hunkered down in fear as shots rang out before 11 today. 
Written by January 25 2018 0
Cherry Gardens was the subject of a major sting operation recently as a man who is wanted in Florida for allegedly committing multiple sexual offences involving minors was held in the upscale community. The man is now facing extradition to the United States.
Written by January 25 2018 0
20-y.o. son of slain St James gangster Omar 'King Evil' Lewis, Kasheen Lewis has been charged with murder of two women who were shot and killed at a salon in Catherine Hall in the parish. Salon is in the vicinity of where King Evil was gunned down by unknown assailants. 3 replies32 retweets17 likes  
Written by January 22 2018 0
The police are investigating an incident in which a Jamaican national was murdered in George Town late Saturday.
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