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Woman beats another woman with shovel by Althea Burrell

Woman beats another woman with shovel by Althea Burrell Featured

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On February 3, 2016 when Alecia Berbridge went to visit her boyfriend at Jobs Lane in Spanish Town, but little did she know that her boyfriend's female cousin would intervene in her day and land both females in court.



Rochelle Douglas told Alecia to leave her yard and not return. When this was not done, an argument developed and Douglas used a shovel to beat Alecia repeatedly .


The complainant received injuries to her fingers and shoulder causing wounds that bled.


A report was made to the Spanish Town police and base on the injuries observed by the officer, Douglas was arrested and charged for unlawful wounding.


When she appeared recently in the Spanish Town RM court she was told that the medical certificate was still outstanding and a mention date set for April 19, 2016.

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