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The intensified inter-gang rivalry in the Clansman gang is spilling out in the streets of the Old Capital, causing much consternation to police and residents of the town. 

The feud between Spanish Town Clansman leader Tesha Miller and a former crony known as 'Blacker' has escalated.

Last week, the simmering inter-gang feud claimed the life of a man known as 'Biggs' on Wednesday morning just as he stepped out of his house on White Church Street. It is alleged that Biggs was killed by his own cronies for switching sides.

 Two weeks ago, a man shot at a well-known plaza in the town, and ran from his attackers, eventually collapsing close to the gate of the police station.  

Allegations are that there is a "black list" with names of persons who should be killed and that Biggs was one of the names on such list.

The JDF and police personnel have intensified their cordon and search operations in the town and as recent as Friday evening where men were taken in for questioning.

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