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Man owes $200,000 in child support payments dragged before court by Althea Burrell

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A man who owed almost 200,000 in child support payments and who had eluded the cops for almost five months was dragged before the Spanish Town RM court recently.

Hugh Hudson failed to appear in the Family Court in March 2015, and after 12 attempts by the police to detain him on warrants, he was finally caught and brought to the Spanish Town RM Court on disobedience of maintenance recently.

The accused who had $189.607.25 outstanding since March paid over $89,000 to the complainant and was still remanded.

However, the complainant told Senior RM Lyle Armstrong that he was making payments and with the $89,000 just paid, his total would have been paid off.

"Madam is he currently making his weekly payments?" Madam Clerk enquired.

To an affirmative yes, the necessary documents were signed and the accused released and discharged.

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