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Man cuts out dog's heart @one876 @whatasinting

Man cuts out dog's heart @one876 @whatasinting Featured

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A man who stabbed a dog repeatedly before disembowelling it and removing its heart appeared in the Spanish Town RM Court on March 3, 2015 before RM Simone Maddix.
The accused, Carlton Powell, was facing charges under the Cruelty to Animal Act.
Allegations are that on December 18, 2014 at a house in Content District, Powell chained a dog to the house and used a knife to stab the dog repeatedly before cutting the dog open and removing its heart.
When he was cautioned by the police he uttered, "Officer a time fi him dead".
Powell's last doctor visit on February 24th showed that he was not fit to plea, therefore, another psychiatric evalution is to be done on March 5.
His bail was denied and he is set to return to court on March 10, 2015.
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