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Man begs for leniency after stealing light, fined anyway by judge @one876

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"Sir can you tell me why you where abstracting electricity, why you choose to thief light?" RM Nembhard asked Arthur Williams when he appeared before her in the Spanish Town RM Court on Tuesday, April 27, 2015.
Standing in the box looking all dazed and speechless, Williams said nothing.
"Ok Mr. Williams you have anything to say before I fine you?"
"Your honour I am begging for leniency," he blurted out, much to the amusement of the court.
"You cannot explain why you thiefing light but you want leniency, Mr. Williams $150,000 or 6 months at hard labour", RM Nembhard responded.
However, Estelito Young was also handed down the same fine for also abstracting electricity.
"Your honour I know it was wrong but I am begging you some time to pay the $150,000. This found favour with the judge and she was allowed three months with surety.
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