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Is Portia really worth US$20 million?

Is Portia really worth US$20 million? Featured

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Following calls from the public, including civil society groups, the People's National Party (PNP) indicated that Simpson Miller would have addressed the matter in the House of Representatives this week. However, there has been a delay. 


PNP General Secretary Paul Burke, says issues arose which prevented the tabling of the information.

“We can’t table it in Parliament, we can circulate it in Parliament and release it to the media. We subsequently found out that the Integrity Commission, even thought Mrs. Simpson Miller was willing to authorize that it be sent to the Clerk of the House in Parliament and in the media, that could not happen.... So she signed a letter today, which was dispatched, to request her Integrity Commission report, which under the law, they can only release back to her,” Burke was reported as saying. 

Simpson Miller's financial records should be released by Friday, July 1.

There has been public pressure for the Opposition Leader and other political representatives to release their financial records in the wake of Prime Minister Andrew Holness declaring his assets and liabilities nearly two weeks ago.


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