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Is Ishawna disrespecting Ms. Lou?

Is Ishawna disrespecting Ms. Lou? Featured

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Controversal dancehall artiste Ishawna got ripped a new asshole on social media after fans became enraged by her one-off comment that appeared to disrespect the memory of Jamaican folklore hero  Louise Bennett-Coverley.   “Mi nuh dress inna tablecloth like Miss Lou #RipMissLou” Ishawna captioned on her Instagram.


Ishawna, love your equal rights and justice stance, but yu outta fucking order now. Our national dress -  that tablecloth - the bandana is our national dress. Certainly u don't expect Miss lou to dress like a slut. Call somebody else name, just not Miss Lou, if u want to go naked, and force strange men to wallow their face in your pussy, that's ur business but don't u dare diss a national icon, u pass yu fucking place. Ms. Lou stood for something, what yu stand for? DICK-SUCKING and PUSSY-SUCKING, that is your legacy. That's why Shenseea get the Pepsi contract over yu!!!!

Miss Lou had many talents, she wrote some excellent poems and was a very skilful writer in other genres.  She composed or adapted Anancy stories.  She helped the Little Theatre Movement pantomime and she was a brilliant actress. No diss the Mumma fi theatre inna Jamaica. 

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