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Did Chi Ching Ching rob Watchi Way talk, or was he tricked??? @one876

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How Danger Lee ah diss up Ching so say him tief him Watchi Wyah talk? Wonder if a true  Danger Lee a talk.

Him video online say:

"From wha day mi hear Chi Ching Ching with this Watchi Wyah thing. Bredda wey yu get this Watchi Wyah from? Watchi Wyah a badman thing, yu tek man thing deh tun dancing. From last year September, mi voice mi thing and send mi thing a road. Mi thing dem deh a road a gwaan. Mi frighten fi hear people a call mi a sey yow Danger Lee mi never know yu sell Chi Ching Ching Watchi Wyah. Mi a sey sell yu (expletive) how mi fi sell mi thing when mi a look a rise?" he said.



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