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Councillor Hawthorne Thompson injured in shootout with armed assailants

Councillor Hawthorne Thompson injured in shootout with armed assailants Featured

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JLP Councillor for the Sydenham Division of the St. Catherine Parish Council, Hawthorne Thompson, shot two armed assailants but was injured during a shootout as he locked up his business place last night. The councillor is in stable condition, and one of the assailants has also been hospitalised.   


Reports are that the councillor was closing his business place at about 12:30 a.m. this morning on Brunswick Avenue in Spanish Town last night when two armed men demanded money. A struggle ensued between Thompson and one of the assailants. 


The man's accomplice opened fire on Thompson, and both men fled. Then Thompson, who is a licensed firearm holder, opened fire at the fleeing culprits. After the shooting, Thompson realised he had been shot in the chest. He was rushed to the Spanish Town Hospital where he Is being treated. One of the assailants turned up a few hours later suffering from gunshot wounds and is now, presumably, under police guard. 



 The Spanish Town police are investigating. 


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