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Cop arrested for failing to appear in court on cases @one876

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A warrant was executed and served on a police officer attached to the Greater Portmore Police Station  on Tuesday, April 27, 2015 in the Spanish Town RM Court.

It was outlined that the constable who is an investigating officer before the court failed to appear on eight occasions to answer in regards to a case that he has been assigned.

This didn't sit well with RM Nembhard who gave a long tongue lashing and poured out her wrath regarding the number of incomplete files and officers failing to complete their cases in a timely manner.

"How can cases be on the mention list for years? We are dealing with human beings and we all have a life. I aint operating a dollyhouse nor patty shop. So since these officers fail to appear and answers to their cases I have no problem sending subpoena for them and if they fail to turn up I will send a warrant straight for them. There is too much back log and carelessness and this has to stop now!" RM Nembhard remarked, before ordering the Crowne to execute the warrant.

The officer was granted bail in the sum of $50,000 with surety but up to the ending of court his offer was still not taken up. An officer assigned to the AIRU was also summoned and ordered to produce his investigation report before the rise of the court or his fate would be decided

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