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'Bangarang' featuring Shebada opens on December 18th

'Bangarang' featuring Shebada opens on December 18th Featured

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Theatre critics are raving about the latest offering of the 'Shebada' franchise,  ‘Bangarang’, written by the multi-award winning, David Tulloch. After a tremendously successful run of Bashment Granny  3 including over hundreds of local performances and over sixty overseas shows, the team is ready to turn up the heat this Christmas.




 Apart from being a fiery comedy, the producers decided to spice up their usual tasty recipe with some new ingredients. The ‘Shebada’ franchise normally caters to the dancehall masses and now Bangarang, while still catering to the dancehall masses has come to a middle ground with elements of main-stream theatre. 


Firstly, the script has been created by Tulloch, who has been successfully chalking up commercial hits for the mainstream markets for years. The cast features two-time Actor Boy award winning veteran actress Terri Salmon, four time best actor winner and movie titan Chris Mcfarlane and Tulloch himself who has appeared in quite a bit of mainstream productions of note. 


Ably directed B. Lloyd Allen, the consummate mainstream professionals join the road warriors such asTrudy Bell famous for her turn in of the hilariously Paul Beale created character ‘Melcita', Patrick Smith and the prince of comedy himself, Keith ‘Shebada’ Ramsay. The iconic blend of talents have ensured that the comedy is properly seasoned and the drama simmers well enough to keep the storyline in check. 


'Bangarang'  will open at the Green Gables Theatre on 6 Cargill Avenue in Kingston. It will also run from Wednesday to Sunday at 8 p.m. The comedy reveals true to life scenarios on Princess Street in the downtown Kingston environs. 

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