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Aunt intervenes in schoolboy's fight; arrested and charged @one876

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A fight that developed between a group of boys at a primary school ended with Venice Phillips, aunt of one of the boys charged with assault occasional bodily harm.
Allegations are that the complainant, 10 years old had an altercation with other boys at the school. However on his way home he saw the boys approaching him with a lady who was later identified as the Phillips, the aunt of one of the boys.
It was said that Phillips told the boys to hold the complainant and her nephew boxed him in the face causing swelling and bruises.
However it was not until the mother of the complainant told RM Nembhard that her son was constantly being bullyed and that the day in question the boys kicked his son feet and he fell in the gully. Her son who suffers from fits refuses to attend school.
"Your honour I have made reports to the school and nothing was done. My son called me one day at work and said a boy stepped in his ankle with his spike. When I called the school the teacher was more upset that my son called during school period rather than to assist with the issue".
This didn't go well with the judge who told her that she would look into the matter and an officer from that division was asked to investigate the situation.
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