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Anju Blaxxx bail signals what for Zj Wah Wa? @one876

Anju Blaxxx bail signals what for Zj Wah Wa? @one876

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What does Anju Blaxxx release on bail mean for ZJ Wah Wa? Blaxxx spent close to six months in a North Dakota jail on lottery scamming-related charges.


The lottery scam involves convincing elderly American victims to send millions of dollars for 'lottery winnings'.

Anju Blaxxx (given name Andrew Sayeed Myrie) was arrested in Florida on February 7 by American law enforcement officers on mail and wire fraud in connection with telemarketing fraud in North Dakota.

He was granted bail when he appeared in court in Florida. The bail order was, however, overturned on the grounds that he was "a substantial flight risk".

Blaxxx is the producer of Bugle's hit Nuh Compatible and has hits with Purge, 300 Round and Klappaz riddims.

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