Bloody fracas breaks out at Eltham High school, man and 15 year-old girl hospitalised! Featured

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  A group of men from Irish Pen escalated a 'school conflict' into a bloody face off at the Eltham High school on Monday during which four persons were stabbed, including three students, and a female 15 year-old grade ten student of Eltham High school. One of the men from Irish Pen was stabbed three times and had to receive emergency surgery last night while the 15 year-old schoolgirl was released from the Spanish Town hospital this morning and is now at home recuperating after a stabbing incident at the school on Monday. understands that the stabbing incident stemmed from a previous run-ins between the female student and another male student at the institution who is known as Pooh by his peers. 
According to anecdotal reports by students and adults, the female student got into a fight with another female before the Ash Wednesday break. Then on Friday, 'Pooh', who is reportedly the boyfriend of the other female in question, got into a dispute with the 15 year-old during which he administered a "box" to her face. A box, in Jamaican parlance, is a loud slap to the face.
On Monday, there was another altercation between the 15 year-old and a male friend of Pooh, during which she received yet another "box", but the boy upped the ante by holding on to her schoolbag. 
Upset, she went home and told her brother, who is a grade 11 student at the school about the continued disrespect and abuse. Both the brother and the sister returned to the school in the company of several men from the neighbouring community of Irish Pen. Three of those men rode bicycles. 
Eyewitness reports say that the brother and Pooh got into a tussle at the school gate, during which they grabbed each other. Then the men from Irish Pen intervened, and a knife-wielding melee ensued during which four persons, including the 15 year-old schoolgirl, got stabbed, and one person got cut on his fingers. Pooh's friend was stabbed in the side, while Pooh himself got several cuts to his fingers and defensive wounds when he was attacked.
"it was a good thing that the friend had his knapsack, he used it to deflect three stabs but eventually one got him on his side. Then they ran back inside the school," the eyewitness said. 
The police say one man from Irish Pen was stabbed three times, while the 15 year-old girl was stabbed twice in the back during the fracas. 
"One of the stabs missed her lungs by a couple of inches. She had to do two x-rays, and they say there is bleeding around her lungs. She got out of the hospital this morning at about 8, her father had to carry her because she could not walk," the distraught mother of the 15 year-old told Loop News. 
Efforts to get a comment from the principal of Eltham High school proved futile as the principal told a security guard to tell the gaggle of reporters outside that "the school was doing a routine search, students are being randomly searched and the principal is not aware of anything going on so the media can leave".
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