Benzly Hype's mom's casket dug up after cemetery mix up

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Dancehall star Benzly Hype has had a rough couple of weeks. First, he lost his mother, Beatrice Morris, after a long battle with cancer, then he has had to undergo a traumatising experience because of a mix-up between the cemetery and the funeral home which resulted in her coffin being  disinterred so it could be placed in the right funeral plot. 


In a Facebook post last night, the deejay explained what happened during this traumatising ordeal. 

"Suppose ur mom died due to the negligence of surgeon then you had a funeral for her and buried her . then 2 days after u get a call that she was buried in the wrong spot and they moved her already the morning without informing you . u then cussing the funeral home who tells u it was the cemeteries fault not theirs," the post said. 
"Then u had to go there the next day - dig her up to confirm that it was really her that was moved - make sure she is in the casket.. then bury her back again . how would u be feeling #jamaica #bullshit .. i know im strong but i can only handle so much . . i couldn't make up this stuff #MyLife," the post concluded.
There was a huge outpouring of support from well-wishers and friends. Some comments included: "Wow, that is just too much for one person. Glad you pulling through however ... I am still sending out positive vibration for the bredren."
Another said: "This is just traumatic. Seriously traumatic. I lost my mom and had issues with the hospital releasing her body and that was traumatic. Now what you're going through is heart wrenching Benzly".
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