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Dancehall's favourite stunner Ishawna will be shooting a new video in the Famous nightclub tonight. It will be directed by Mr. B.  

There is a photo on Facebook with Tarrus Riley and Queen Ifrica in an embrace. The picture is captioned: "yes tarrus riley and i are togather...something aguh roun. loves contagious! !!!"

  The new, enhanced, current-gen version of GTA 5 is out, on consoles. Courtesy of Pitchfork, we now have the entire expanded soundtrack—comprising 162 new songs across the game's multitude of radio stations, and several reggae songs have made it. Check it out. Big ups to Cashflow Neil for Octane's Topic of the Day' which made it to GTA V.

How Lisa Hyper's butt get so big overnight? Spotted her in the streets over the weekend, and her ass just look big all of a sudden, and crazy people ah check her out when she walk inna the dance. Mi love how she ah do her ting, she have combination song with Raine Seville, she ah voice fi Jam2 and she have a combination song with Fambo. 

Big up to Justus Arison, he is pushing dancehall to new heights. The instrumental of High Life riddim was featured on the hit show, 'Keeping up with the Kardashians', the hit show watched by millions on the E! network.

An amateur footballer has been jailed for killing a referee with a single punch after he was booked in a Michigan United Soccer League match.

The Constabulary Communication Unit has confirmed that a policeman has been killed in the Hartlands community near to Innswood in St. Catherine. The cop and his brother were reportedly fishing when armed men ambushed them, shouting 'police!' before opening fire. 

A video has surfaced online with a confrontation between a tall man and a short cop that ended in violence. The man, egged on by supporters, attempted to defy the policeman's attempts to place him under arrest. The cop told the man several times that he was authorized to use force to subdue him and stil the man resisted, even when the cop unholstered his weapon. Then gunshots rang out and the two cops tried to rush outsde the venue with the dying man.

Persons are being advised to avoid the Riverton City landfill as it is once again on fire. 

  Fresh off her debut on Criminal Minds, Jamaica-born actress Shauna Chin is now looking for actors to showcase in her film Reprisal.

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August 02 2014 0

Stylysh appeared on 'Da Wrap' on CVM @michieboo101 @stylyshsparta @one876

Stylysh appeared on CVM TV's Da Wrap last night. Check her out

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