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Will STING flop without the 'GULLY' or 'GAZA'? Featured

Archive Written by  ABENA Wednesday, 08 December 2010 02:49 font size decrease font size increase font size 0
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  WILL STING FLOP WITHOUT GULLY AND GAZA? Laing say that by themselves, Kartel and Mavado caan pull 1,000 persons and it come in like it anger the man dem because dem ah tek to the media and ah say Sting ah go flop. Kartel ah keep a show Boxing Day in the Building, Mavado ah keep ah Gully show somewhere else, it come in like the battle lines drawn, ah same way Killer did a try flop out Laing wid Saddle to the East couple years ago, and now dem man ya ah run dancehall music so dem a do the same ting, why dem hate Laing so? Ah fi him event help buss dem over the years so why the animosity, or is a ego ting? Mi no know, it deep.



Mi hear say a big talk show host ah get sued over some sponsors money fi him talk show. The agent get the sponsors fi him but him nah free up the agent commission and it ah create a big stink out de. The Christmas look bleaky.



Mi see a message on mi bb yesterday, presumably from the Gaza Dads himself weh go: "Laing says that Vybz Kartel and Mavado, who are the two biggest names in dancehall music right now, can't pull a thousand people. So it would be fair to say then that all the artistes
on Sting this year combined will not be pulling more than about 50 people...without the Gully or Gaza, this will be the
FLOPPIEST Sting ever."

Where the go-go name Lari-Kay Eubanks really work inna real life? A wah kinda job that she have mek she a moonlight as a gogo?

How Hezron career ah shot so? The man de pon the big Betty Wright and Friends show this weekend.

What a way Stevie Face have foreign show? Canada? UK? Small island? The man tinga shot.

Mi love how RDX ting step up all over the Caribbean. Dem just shell dung Guyana? But how come dem no de pon Pepsi Teensplash?

Big up Josie Wales, mi love how yu deal with the Stars R Us Tribute, mi and mi favourite auntie from foreign go and she had a ball
thanks to you.

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